FAQ - Frequently Answered Questions

  • Can users change the audio quality?
    Yes, they can. The quality of the converted files is possible to change before you start to download. Available formats MP3: 320 kbps, 128 kbps, 64 kbps
  • How to save the desired mp3 files on iPhone and iPad?
    It is not possible to save files to your iPad or iPhone without an app. Please, download the app «Documents by Readdle» from the Apple Store to be able to save files to your device.
    IMPORTANT: This problem is fixed in iOS 13. Users of new devices can download files without installing additional apps.

  • Why did the file conversion stop at the initialization stage?
    A possible cause of the problem could be the AdBlock program. The algorithms of its work allow to block advertising, and at the same time interfere with the operation of our service. It is enough to disable the blocker or similar software. If this method did not help in solving the problem, we recommend using the feedback form on our website. There you should insert the link to the video and specify the desired format.
  • Why does an error message pop up when I try to download a file?
    Le téléchargement peut ne pas être possible si :
    - Il se peut que la vidéo ait été retirée de l'accès public. Dans ce cas, une autorisation est nécessaire pour pouvoir l'utiliser.